Pretty paper things!

My latest project for university: wedding stationery. So far, this stationery collection consists only of this Save The Date postcard. And it’s very much a work in progress, but I thought I’d share it anyway! I plan to design a full set, including the save the date cards, the official invitations, RSVP cards, accommodation/location information, and perhaps even table numbers, menus and stuff like that!  I love the idea of using song lyrics in design, and I’d been listening to Rogue Wave’s cover of Everyday (originally by Buddy Holly) which is just the most beautiful song and has the lyrics “Everyone said ‘Go ahead and ask her’” in it. I thought it was quite appropriate!

I started looking at wedding stationery while in a letterpress obsession. To begin with I was only seeing the more traditional looking letterpress wedding invites, then all of a sudden there were these amazingly designed wedding sets and I was addicted! Also, coincidentally in the past month two of my very good friends have gotten engaged! I’d really love to do this kind of work when I’m out in the “real world”, so I figured it’d be a great addition to my portfolio!

Some of the amazing sets I stumbled upon:

Love vs. Design:

Cheree Berry:

Project 2 – Design an Album Cover…

This semester at university we’re working on building up a portfolio of work through a series of projects. For my first project I designed three fonts (Jelly Legs, Shiny and Chubby & Cheeky). The next project that I’m doing is an album cover and booklet thing for a band. We could choose to invent a band to design for or make a fake album for a band that already exists.

This assessment has been quite the pain to do over the past week. I keep on changing my mind on what the design will look like, what band I’ll make this fake cover for, what songs should be on this fake album…anything that I could change my mind on I have over the past few days. Yesterday I started playing around with these circle things and lo and behold, this thing came into existence. Not sure if it will stay as a cover for The Shins or if I’ll change it to a made up band. Hmm, decisions, decisions!

Goodbye Lorem Ipsum, Hello Hipster Ipsum!


As a frequent user of Lorem Ipsum, the dummy text generator, I was thrilled to discover Hipster Ipsum. My favourites include “you probably haven’t heard of them”, “portland”, “put a bird on it”, “letterpress”.

Anyhoo, must keep it short. I’m off to design an album cover for a band you probably have never heard of. They want to keep it simple, so I’m just going to take some photos of birds with my iPhone or whatever. There goes my afternoon!

(discovered via swissmiss)

My Last First Day At Uni!

Hello all!

Today was my last ever, first day back of university. Quite a sad day (because soon it will all be over and I’ll be out in the ‘real’ world), but also SUPER exciting (because soon it will all be over and I’ll be out in the ‘real’ world)! While I wasn’t really planning on doing a blog here, after my first class for the semester today, I discovered that one of our assessments is going to be about creating an online presence so I thought it might be a good idea to do a little extra on my little website.

I’m pretty sure I won’t have any interesting blog-like things to say, so my aim for this part of my website will be to show what I’m working on or thinking about regarding design. Hopefully it’ll be fascinating!!!